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Alright guys, I picked up five rolls of film today and of them, nine shots were worth posting. Here goes:

1. A bald eagle at the zoo who was rather unhappy that we were so close. Good wildlife/nature shot except for the back of the cage behind him.
2. Miah's 850 exploding with light (ok, it's fog, but it looks cool).
3. Miah's silhouette exploding with light (fog again).
4. Pretty good nightshot of a couple statues downtown.
5. A ring around the moon. Was much more impressive in person, but it makes a really good abstract shot. Love this one.
6. A nice shot of Tandra from around Thanksgiving-ish.
Hey zerogenius:
7. The first of three night shots of a well-lit bridge in Nashville from our trip in January.
8. The second of three, this one's my favorite.
9. The last bridge shot.

I love the diagonal *whoosh* made by the moving clouds.

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