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Why are you guys so dead and non-posty today? Good thing I'm a paid member and I can use friendsfriends.

I am so groggy today. I slept like the dead last night. Probably because I've been out of my antidepressant for a couple days. My doctor's office does not have any samples available and I don't have any money. This is not a good thing. I'm slow and can't focus.

And why have the packets of hot chocolate disappeared from the break room? I want a ghetto mochaccino. If there were ever a day when I needed a jolt of caffeine, today would be it. So I'm suffering with just plain coffee. :-/

  • it's snowing!

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    You know what today is? BLUSTERY. heheheh. (Oh, and there were enormous flakes of SNOW falling for a few minutes this morning.)

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    This is what Wichita looks like right now

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