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brain of consistency of oatmeal or clam chowder produces the follwing ramblings:

I'm really glad I have my job and I certainly need the money it provides.

That said, today seems particularly well-suited to being unemployed. That is to say, financial stress aside, it sounds rather appealing today. It's cloudy, very lightly drizzling, very humid and sticky, nothing is going on, and it just feels like a lazy day. It would be a good day to sleep til noon, eat cereal and sit around in pajamas all day and maybe smoke a bowl and not even try to accomplish anything. Yeah, that sounds nice. Smoke a bowl, pop in a Samples CD and just chill on the porch watching the grey day go by.

Oh, how I long for professional freedom.

I had better watch out or I might wind up sounding like some 28-year old who never got past his teenage angst.

What do you mean, that's what I always sound like anyway? Eat me, bitch.

(You know this is only because I've been out of antidepressants for three days, right? I'm going to hate having a job and need ten hours of sleep per night until I get back on them.)

Did anyone watch Last Comic Standing last night? Interesting. I kinda liked the 12th grade kid. I wish he would have advanced. I suppose he's still got a year or two to get good at being a comic.

That might be nice, being a comic. Assuming I was any good at it, that is. I'm not, I'd probably choke and even if I didn't, my jokes generally go over with about 20% of whoever's around, which probably isn't a high enough percentage to make a career out of telling said jokes. But this is conjecture and imagination at the moment, so screw the numbers. Being a comic is like the broke-ass version of being a rock star. You get to stay up all night and sleep all day (© 1990, Slaugher, All Rights Reserved) and travel all around the country meeting new people and stuff.

And I guess being a slam poet would be like the cool version of being a comic. *shrug*

So, are my ramblings entertaining (in that "jesus this guy must be bored" way, of course) or just irritating?

Let's see, what else... I don't watch the news so I really can't comment on current events, but that's okay because everyone else comments on current events. Boring.

You know who I want to see live that I haven't seen yet? Jay Mohr. I'd pay money to see that guy, he's good people. Lewis Black. Dave Attell. Yes, I know those two toured together, and yes, they came to my town, but no, I didn't have $80 for tickets right at Christmastime. Eat me. I also would do just about anything to see Counting Crows.

Okay, so, much like I'm behind the bandwagon by a few months on the new Blink CD, I'm behind the bandwagon by roughly a decade on Counting Crows, but so what. Happens a lot with me. Eat me. Again. Savor the flavor.

Ok, I'm out of inspiration for the moment. More later, if I can scrounge up some additional unrelated thoughts with which to pollute your friends page. I will endeavor to do so.

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