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You know what?

I wish, seriously, I wish that I could just get a ton of financial aid, quit my job, deliver pizzas and go to school.

I want to go to school for photojournalism, whatever major would involve that, and then get a minor in computer something-or-other. That would allow me to do what I really want to do with my life at this moment, which is to make my money by writing, photography, and web design, all freelance. Seriously, how stinking much would that rock? I could do my job anywhere, just taking my laptop and digital camera with me. My own schedule. Jeez. How neet. So yeah, if I could do that at, say, UMKC, that would relieve me of having to find a job in KC in order to move.

You know, I've got an application thingy from UMKC at home. Maybe I'll fill that out and give them a call and see what my options are.

You know what else? I wish my Yahoo Messenger would stay logged in.
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