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yes, I'm seriously sending this, but uncensored.

Microsoft Skills 2000 IT Career Loan
PO Box 650750
Dallas, TX 75265-0750
Josh Dutcher
[address censored]
Wichita, KS 67211
Loan # [censored]

Dear Sirs,

I am writing to request that all telephone numbers be removed from any and all contact information you have for me, and any and all contact information associated with this loan. Under no circumstances are you to contact me or anyone else associated with this loan by telephone effective immediately. If you wish to contact me, do it by mail.

I think it's ridiculous how paranoid you guys are and how much you freak out when I miss a payment or two. I've missed two payments of under $15 each and you guys are frantically calling me AND my cosigner twice a day and sending out letters like there's no tomorrow. You're probably actually losing money by spending so much to bug the sh!t out of me, especially considering that no matter how much you attempt to contact me, I still won't have any more money than I had before you wrote or called me. It's laughable. Knock it off. I'm not going to abandon the loan and run away to Libya. However, if you continue annoying me, I may file bankruptcy just to spite you.

Josh Dutcher

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