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So I thought I was pretty much done with the whole "puberty" area of life, but a while ago, a few months ago, I started breaking out in acne again. Not real bad, I never had it real bad, but for a few years now I've not had it at all. So it drives me nuts because I have this subconscious urge to fiddle with them. So they get all red and angry. I don't realize I'm doing it. So, that sucks.

I have a theory though - I think it's the house. Yes, that sounds nuts, but I do. It started when we moved in there. Just like the colds/sinus infections/allergy attacks/whatever the fuck is going on. Which leads me nicely into my next topic - I guess we're going to put a deposit on this duplex we looked at. Sucky - costs more for less space. Good - has basement, has my own family room for my entertainment center and whatnot, less space equals less area to keep picked up. Good - we can bring Tandra's sofa in, I believe. So even though we're not approved on the application yet (I will be) I'm going to give them money and say "hey, I'm going to live here now, ok? Thanks buh bye." Assuming the dumb-nut worker bees who are fixing the place moved the cable outlet to the reasonable location from the retarded location. I don't want to string coax across the floor in all its ugliness. Fart on that.

So I woke up (correction - was awakened by my beautiful and fantastic girlfriend) this morning at 20 till 8. Yeah, that's right. But, she cooked me brefiss and ironed my shirt, so she's fabuloso. So I skittered into the bathroom and washed my nugget and raced off to work...20 minutes late. As per usual, no one noticed. I guess I'll go home at lunch for a real shower.

At some point I should do some work.

And oh yeah, these retarded fuckers were driving in front of me last night, two fucking cars pacing one another going 20 in a 40. Not doing the "windows down talking and driving" thing... just idiots. So I did something I've been itching to do lately - passed them both in the oncoming traffic lane. It felt really good. I get much satisfaction out of this. Plus imagining what the people in the leftmost car must have been thinking... "what the hell is that crazy guy doing... oh shit, I'm only going 20 in a 40, I'm such a retarded fuckhead!" ...I wish.

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