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Friday Five, from thefridayfive:

For each question, pick one of the options & say why you made your choice. Feel free to waffle between the two choices, or to not choose either.

1. Would you rather earn more money or have more time off?
Have more time off, fo sho. That is, assuming I had enough money to afford it. :-/

2. Which is more important, the ends or the means?
Good question. If you interpret that question as "Which is more important, the destination or the journey?" then the answer is easy - the journey. But if you interpret the question as "Which is more important, stuff or money?" then the answer is neither, really. I'd rather have good experiences and really live life then to define myself by my possessions or waste my life at work. On the other hand, when it comes to working, I really don't care about the processes as long as the result is good and the processes aren't extraordinarily inefficient or something. So I guess this question depends on what you're talking about.

3. How are our personalities formed, by nature or through nurture?
Ah, the age old question. The answer, in my opinion, is a little of both. Getting any deeper into it than that tends to make my brain twitch, or melt and run out my ears. Mmmm, grey matter.

4. Who do you feel closer to, your mother or your father?
Tough call. I'm lucky enough to have two great parents who both love me unconditionally, and who I love back. I probably feel closer to my mother most of the time, because even though I'm a lot like my dad in a lot of ways, the ways in which I'm like my mother are things about myself that I like a lot more. Does that make sense? The traits my mom and I share I find much more pleasant than the traits my dad and I share. Plus my mom's a little more open-minded (a little) and easygoing, and not quite as uptight as my dad.

5. Why do you answer these silly questions, out of boredom or out of love of introspection?
Both. And also to share my answers with my friends and other people.

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