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Damn three day weekends, I got my sleep schedule all comfortable right where I like it, and then I have to come in to work on Monday. Hence I got two hours of sleep last night. Good times.

In other news, I have a broker.

No, not stocks. Art. I have a guy who wants to help me sell my photography. Me, an old friend of mine who paints and another artist who I don't know are all going to have an art show together in August. I'll give out more details when everything is finalized, but I'm currently getting things scanned, printed, and eventually matted and framed in preparation of showing and hopefully selling my photography. I'm excited. It's quite possible I might lose money overall on the deal, but I'm excited to do it, to learn, to get my name out. :-D

The 4th weekend was awesome. Mostly just all family time, and we had a blast. :-)
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