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Oh yeah, incidentally...

Internet Explorer fscking SUCKS my COCK.

Last night Tandra hit some website looking for song lyrics and suddenly about five or six unwanted bits of software were installed on my machine, resetting my home page, popping up unbelievable amounts of bullsh!t, and installed a bunch of porn links to my favorites.

Oooooooohh, pissed off.

This is while I have no less than THREE pop-up blockers installed, and had just run Ad-Aware within the last week.

I ran ad-aware again and there were things coming up with descriptions like "Possible Browser Hijack Attempt".


How do you be the biggest and most powerful software company in the history of ever, and you write a program so full of holes that your whole computer can be fscked with against your will and without you doing a goddamn thing??

I spent literally a couple hours last night trying to make sure the sh!t was cleaned up and it's still not back to normal.

God bless Mozilla Firefox which I've transitioned to at work and am now insisting on using at home as well.

Fscking IE.
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