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Ok, last post this morning before I get some work done. Or, since I don't have much to do, maybe I'll post again after this.

But this post is necessary.

You know how I have this art show thing coming up in ten days, right? How I'm going to be selling prints there?

You know how in order to make a print you have to have the original negative or slide?


Can't find 'em.

Five of 'em, to be specific, including the feature piece that went out on the postcard mailer.

I can find all my other slides, just not those five. Apparently I pulled them out and stuffed them somewhere for "safe keeping." Fscking dumbass. Last night I ransacked my cubicle (made two separate trips back to work AFTER work), my house, and my car. I advanced beyond looking where they might logically be to looking anywhere they could possibly physically exist within the walls of my house. That was no small task, and there are probably still places that went overlooked. In fact, there must be, since I didn't find them.

I am so frustrated by this, I mean SO frustrated, that I'm beyond even being frustrated about it, if that makes any sense. I *NEVER* lose stuff, especially stuff this important.

Yay, the reputations of no less than five people are riding on this, and I fscked it up! Yay! Go me!

This is utter and complete humiliation of the sort that will require me to leave town if I don't fix it. Seriously. To quote Jay London, "This is death."

There are two bright sides to this. 1) I can reshoot the feature piece and recreate it, probably almost exactly. 2) I have the five missing pieces scanned to a CD, but only in a resolution high enough to print them at 11 x 14. (We were going bigger with most of them, 16 x 24 on the feature piece.)

So here's my plan: Tonight after work I'm going to buy a roll of film and then hit the road scouting for locations. After dark, I'll return to those locations and shoot up the roll. Tomorrow morning I will drop the roll off for development and pick it back up Friday morning. Friday I'll decide which pieces to include in the show and order the necessary prints from them. Anything larger than 11 x 15 is going to have to be outsourced which takes a week. So if I send them out on Friday and they get back next Friday, that leaves me roughly 24 hours to get them framed and matted for the show.

This is my only chance to save my ass on this.

Send good juju.
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