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Friday Ten

From thefridayfive:
1) What animal best represents you? Animal?? I don't know. I always thought I was a dog in one of my past lives because I love to be scratched so much.

2) What color best represents you? Again, I never thought about this. My favorite color is blue, but I don't know what color represents me. What do colors represent anyway?

3) What season best represents you? ARGH! Stop it! My favorite is Spring! Don't make me think in terms of symbolism, this is why I don't write songs!

4) What emotion best represents you? Right now?!?! F*CKING FRUSTRATION WITH THESE QUESTIONS! Why the hell am I even messing with this?!

5) What flower/tree/plant best represents you? This space intentionally left blank due to the utter stupidity of the question

From fridayfiver:

1. What was the first concert you ever attended? How old were you? Where was it? That's better, ask me something utterly embarrassing.

Okay - it was Michael W. Smith. I was probably something like 10 or so. My mom took me. We sat in the back because it was "too loud". It was at Century II.

2. What was the most recent concert you attended? Where and when? Most recent.... uhhh, I think that was Patti Griffin, at some theater in Lawrence, in May.

3. Have you ever seen your favorite artist/band in concert? Did the show live up to your expectations or were you disappointed? I've seen some of my favorite artists, sure. Yanni, The Samples, Beastie Boys, 311, Crystal Method, Uberzone, Orbital, Eddie Izzard. Another very noteworthy show was Tori Amos. Every single one of those more than met my expectations except for the Samples. I think I've seen them three or four times and the most recent show was rather a disappointment.

4. Ever been to a concert where you were pleasantly surprised at the performance? Ever been to a concert where you were totally disappointed? Name 'em! I was not pleasantly surprised the first time I saw Crystal Method. I was F*CKING STOKED! That sh!t was ON!! And yeah, disappointed with the last Samples show, like I said up there.

5. Name five bands that would headline your own personal festival. (Along the lines of Oz Fest or Lollapalooza) Sh!t mang. Does that mean they have to be in a simliar genre and have the same fan base? Screw that, this is my festival. Um... let's see. There are so many festivals I could put together. Ok, in my world it would be dreamy to see all these guys in one day: Simon & Garfunkel, R.E.M., Crystal Method, Counting Crows, and Enya.

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