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my spoon is too big!

This weekend I did A LOT of driving. I drove all over southeastern Kansas. I probably drove 350 miles Saturday and Sunday combined. I was scouting photo locations, but I really just enjoyed myself. I found some nice twisty roads and some really pretty hilly areas that didn't even look like Kansas to me - it was really enjoyable.

I felt like I was sort of getting to know Kansas in a different way. Like, I always talk about how I want to see the country, but I haven't even seen my own state. With the top down I felt very connected with and open to the little towns I drove through. It helped me see just how citified I am. I bitch about Wichita being a little hillbilly town, and it kind of is, but it really is a big city compared to the rest of the state. I have such an urban mindset that even though intellectually I know that our state is very agricultural and that we do lots of farming and cattle-raising and stuff, it still surprises me for some reason to get out there and see nothing but crops and cattle. It's just not something I generally spend any time thinking about.

I also observed and felt a little bit of that small-town culture that is utterly nonexistent in Wichita. It's a nice feeling. There are some undeniably attractive things about some of those smaller towns. Not the tiny ones that have no money and are dying... but sometimes I think it might be nice to move to a smaller place with almost no crime and a decent school system, a place where the pace of life isn't so hectic. I'd feel so much better if I didn't feel like I was in a rush so much of the time, so nailed down by my schedule, you know? And moving to KC, a bigger city, isn't going to do anything to alleviate that. I wonder if there's a community like that somewhere an hour or so outside of KC.

This morning I was on my way to work and something smelled like one of those early morning diners with eggs and toast and coffee and I wished I didn't have to haul ass to work. I wished I had the time and money to stop and relax and eat some breakfast and read the newspaper or something. Simple pleasures, you know?

Look at me, I'm 28 and all I want is to eat breakfast in a diner and travel the country in an RV - I'm craving retirement, apparently.

Tandra picked up Xandria on her way home from St. Louis last night, so we have our sissy back now. It's good to have her around - we missed her.
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