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Cody, one of the other guys in the art show Saturday and an old friend of mine, asked me to write up a quick artist bio on myself. This is what I came up with:
I am a 28-year-old Web Developer and Freelance Photographer from Wichita, KS. One of the most appealing aspects of photography for me is the coexistence of structure and freedom inherent in photography as an art form. Good photography subscribes to a given set of rules - rules of visual appeal such as composition and subject matter, and also technical rules governing proper exposure. But these rules do not serve to stifle my artistic expression. Rather, they enhance my ability to achieve satisfying artistic expression in a way that I can easily share with others. So, the structure which would seem to confine or constrict expression actually provides me with a foundation, a jumping off point on which to base my creativity. In this way, the technical aspects of photography appeal to my logical left brain, while the artistic expression satisfies my right brain. In fact, much of my work allows me to take advantage of some of the technical rules and I get to manipulate them to create my pieces. Specifically, the effects of long exposures on film, which is my preferred type of photography. I shoot a lot of night photography with long exposures. I paint with light and use other non-traditional lighting sources to "paint on the world", as I call it. Unlike traditional photography, this allows me to create something new in the world by making an image that the human eye would never be able to see in real life. I enjoy the aspect of taking an exposure of many minutes and compressing it into one photograph, one single instant. It's like I get to play with the concept of time itself; I get to step outside of time in a way by turning a span of time into one single instant - that which you see in the photograph. It's like cheating time.

I do not digitally edit color in my pieces. The only digital editing any of my images see is a minimal adjustment of contrast, sharpness (it's hard to focus in the dark) or to reduce grain. All the color and special effect work you see is done in front of the camera while the shutter is open and the image is being created.
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