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Friday Ten

Today's friday fives are kinda weak, so I'm cutting them.

From thefridayfive:
1. If your family was a television family, who would they be? Name family and/or television show.
You know, I don't pay enough attention to TV to really be able to answer this question as accurately as I wish I could. Maybe some weird cross between the Waltons and the Jeffersons. No, that's not it at all. Well, if you're asking about Tandra and I as a family, I mean you have to overlook the whole fact that we have kids and they don't which is a big discrepancy, but if you look at Tandra and I and our respective parents, Dharma and Greg pretty much nails it dead-on.

2. If you and your friends were a television show, what show would best describe i.e. personalities and/or day-to-day relations?
Again, I don't watch enough... uhhh, probably Freaks and Geeks since it's basically a bunch of dorks with inside jokes that no one gets.

3. What television show would best represent your life?
Dammit all with the TV show questions! It used to be My So-Called Life, back in high school, but a lot of sh!t has changed since then.

4. What theme song would run for a television about you? May be one used by a show already or something different.
I'm not answering any more TV questions. But, if I got to choose my own TV theme song, it would probably be Busy Child, just because then I'd get to have a kickass song on my TV show. Plus I couldn't be bothered to pick one out based on the appropriateness of the lyrics or anything.

5. Who would you have play yourself? Friends and family?
I said, I'm not answering!

From fridayfiver:
1. What is the worst weather you have ever experienced?
I don't know, probably being close to that tornado, although I didn't mind.

2. There are a series of hurricanes heading towards the continental US right now. Authorities have issued mandatory evacuations for several areas, yet some people are refusing to budge. Do you think it is right that the police are allowed to make arrests in this case? Do you think you should be allowed to stay with your property?
Arrests? No. If I'm dumb enough to stay at my cabin on the side of the volcano when it blows, then I should be prepared to kiss my ass goodbye.

3. "Poaching" has been described as the act of intentionally pursuing an individual in an already committed relationship. Have you ever poached? Would you ever poach?
I hae never poached. I think it's reprehensible. It pisses me off that people don't have the proper respect for a commited relationship.

4. Who should be blamed? (The person who poaches (home wrecker)? Or the mate who strays?)

5. Are certain people "fair weather friends" ? Or deep down, are we all fair weather friends to someone in our lives?
Well sure, some people are. Man, this is kind of a downer for a Friday, isn't it? Okay, some people are, some people aren't, but mostly I'd say that we are all to some degree. Just that some of us will not be fair-weather friends to our close friends, while other people will always be fair-weather friends. Does that make sense?

I'm going to go find something lighthearted! Jeez!

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