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So, this summer has been the coolest I can rember, and we've gotten a SH*TLOAD of rain. I did some research (because I didn't feel like working) to find out some statistics on the average high temperature and rainfall versus this year's, and here's what I came up with:

  high temp (avg/2004) rainfall (avg/2004)
June 87.1/83.3 4.25/8.04
July 92.9/87.5 3.31/6.88
August 91.6/84.9 2.94/0.73

It should be noted that this month's rainfall does not count today - we've had probably 3/4 of an inch of rain so far today.

I find it interesting that just a five degree difference in the average temperature makes such a difference. Of course, the comfort difference between 87 and 92 is a big one. Look at the rainfall difference though! Basically twice the average rainfall for June and July.

It's just weird (in a good way) that we haven't had a stretch of 95+ degree days from June to September this year. In 2000 from August 19 - September 3 (16 consecutive days) it was 100+ degrees every day - that's more typical.


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