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So, the way I woke up this morning is rather funny, but you need lots of background info.

Background #1: A month or so ago I helped my friend Gianna with a project. For her mom's birthday we snuck over to her (mom's) house in the middle of the night and planted literally hundreds of pink flamingos all over her yard. I have a folding two-step stepstool that I took with us, loaded in the back of Gianna's jeep, in case we needed it. Last night I was looking for the stepstool and couldn't find it, so I text messaged Gianna to ask her if she still had it. I never got a response.

Background #2: My cell phone is a FIRST generation Nokia 3595. It has this software bug where now and then it stops recognizing the SIM card, which is the device that stores, among other things, my phone book/contact list. Usually this happens when I receive a text message. I'll know it happened because I'll read the text message and instead of the name of the person it's from, it will just display their phone number. I don't have anyone's number memorized so the text messages might as well be anonymous at that point. I have to pop off the cover, take out the battery, take out the SIM card, and then put it all back together again and turn it back on.

Background #3: Wednesday night I was over at Miah's place hanging out for a while. We were in a silly mood and he was assembling a shelving unit for use as an entertainment center. He took a break and sat on part of it and said "that's the nice thing about using a [insert name of this particular kind of shelving unit, I forget] - when you want to take a break, you have a nice stool." I said "Are you kidding, I had a nice stool just this morning."

Cut to this morning at ten till eight when I'm still dead asleep (oops). My phone beeps with a text message, the SIM card craps out so I don't know who it's from, and first thing in my consciousness is this text message which simply says "have stool". I thought someone was instructing me to take a morning constitutional.
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