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A few weeks ago we had a 6-alarm fire downtown. I happened to be out shooting that night. Got a couple shots I thought were kind of cool, nothing spectacular, but they make for interesting imagery.

When I first got there I was looking west towards the fire.

Zoom in on this ladder guy:

After a while I went around to the west side of it and was looking east:

Zoom in on this ladder guy:

And his buddy:

This is my favorite... after they started getting it under control I found this shot. I was standing in an alley in used fire water that was about mid-shin in depth (I took off my shoes and socks and rolled up my jeans). This alley is normally completely dry. A building next to me had a sump pump working overtime, belching out water from a pipe but probably losing the battle.

Edit: Tandra thought I should add these:

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