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damn it

So yeah, they cancelled the Mekka tour. This means Josh isn't going to Dallas to see a shitload of kickass bands. No Oakenfold, no Roni Size, no BT.

Also, no spending $35 on the ticket and probably $150 on the trip.

Which is good because my transmission is going out. God bless Dubya for sending me my three hundred dollars this week, which the damn government owed me anyway. Watch me need a transmission overhaul. This will cost me more than the damn car's worth, and I still owe $300 on it. That would make 2 cars killed and sold to junkyards in less than a year. That will suck a lot if that happens.

I gotta go to PetSmart and exchange the doggie bed and collar, they're too small. And return the food and water bowls, girlfriend already had one. Did I mention she found a Boston Terrier the other day? She's the most adorable little doggy. She named her Pandora. Maybe I should get her one of those crate style beds, with the sort of cage looking wiring on the sides. Then it would be Pandora's box.

Then I have to go somewhere to get black zip ties or twisty ties so I can secure all the wires behind my entertainment center to the bars of it, so they're not chaotically sprawling all over the place behind the stereo and TV and stuff.

I keep falling asleep at work.

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