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Oh yeah, I did watch the RNC speeches last night.  I'll just say a few things.

I encouraged Tandra to watch Arnie's speech solely for the comedic value I felt it would hold, and the Governator did not disappoint.  He managed to fire off three or four of his signature lines and then talk about what makes America great.  Really not much mention of actual party platform or position on anything.  I think he was just more of a mascot than anything else, a pep-talk person.

Having Jenna and Barbara Bush up there to introduce Dubya was a joke.  It felt like a toned down version of the MTV Music Awards or something, only more bubble-headed.

Laura Bush, to her credit, sounded intelligent and touched on more issues than just 9/11 and the War on Terra.  But there was still heavy focus on those things and not a lot of real policy, just a bunch of horn-blowing.

See, when the Democrats say "we want to do this" and "we want to do that", you can just go with it, because they're not trying to state things as fact.  But when the Republicans are saying "we've done this" and "we've done that", it's out of context, it's not supported by facts or figures without doing my own research, and so I can't attach credibility to it.  So it's kind of not the same thing.  Of course, I did hear them say things I've directly heard refuted.  For example, Arnie said that "the other party is trying to say that we are two Americas."  No, if I recall, they did exactly the opposite.  And then Laura Bush was touting the "No Child Left Behind" legislation as something that provided unprecedented funding for education, but then I've heard from the other side that this legislation is just a bunch of requirements and standards without the adequate funding to back up those requirements.  So, who knows.

Not a whole lot of strong opinion on last night's convention other than my amusement at the Governator and the two Bush daughters who came across as fairly dim-witted to me.
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