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Friday Ten

TGIF!! It's Friday and I'm all about it!

From (fridayfiver):

1. How much TV do you watch? I watch probably an average of an hour or an hour and a half per day.

2. What is your favorite type of programming? Tough one.  Depends on the time of day.  At dinner I like to watch Will & Grace.  At lunch I like to find something on one of the movie channels.  On the weekend I like to watch auto racing (not NASCAR) or NFL.  I watch Last Comic Standing religiously and even though I usually miss it, I try to watch Amish in the City.  Brilliant.

3. What is your favorite TV show? Last Comic Standing, at the moment.

4. Do you watch a TV show from beginning to end, or are you a flipper? I don't usually flip.

5. Could you give up TV for a month? Sure, no sweat.

From (thefridayfive):

1) If you came upon a time machine, where would you go? Would you alter anything? Why? Where would I go?  Shouldn't the question be when would I go?  Duh.

I'd go all over the freaking history, man.  I'd go and see who really shot JFK and MLK.  I'd randomly pick a KKK lynch mob from the early 1900s and kill them all on general principle and let the brother go.  What I'd really love to do though would be to live for two or three weeks in each decade from the 1880s on, just to get a real true feeling of culture, of what life was like.  Fascinating.  I'd try really hard not to alter anything though because I'd really like to come back to this life when I was done.

2) If you managed to capture the Questing Beast, an odd combination of animal forms that is said to know the answers to all questions, what one question would you ask it? Would the answer change anything? I would ask it what exists outside of human knowledge, i.e. Heaven, Hell, God, afterlife, reincarnation, what the deal?  Yes, the answer would change something.  It would change how I live, because I'd know what the point was, or at least have a better idea.

3) You've found yourself a rather obedient genie in a bottle. Make your three wishes. Why, out of everything you could ask for, do these three win out?  The first two wishes I'm making the way I am in case the third one doesn't work out, I want the first two to be guaranteed.
  1. I wish that without having any effect on the economy and without any negative effect on any person, that I were suddenly and eternally and infinitely wealthy.  That really would solve so many problems for me.
  2. I wish for myself and my loved ones and friends to live a long, full, rich, healthy life.  I wish for the opportunity to spend my life loving my wife and raising our children.  That's one I might wind up with even without a genie.  That's cool.
  3. (Here's the kicker, I've thought of this one for YEARS:) I wish that I could wish anything, any time, any place, under any circumstances, and it would come true with no negative consequences.  Haha, took the genie on that one, didn't I.  I win!
4) Someone presents you with a working voodoo doll. Do you use it? On who, why, and to what purpose? A voodoo doll? heheh.  I'd like to say no, but I probably would use one if I had the opportunity.  Who?  Well, Fred Phelps jumps immediately to mind.  People like that.  Bigots and real, true, to-the-core assh0les that really don't deserve to be alive.  Not ex-girlfriends that I'm bitter about.  I have faith that karma will kick them in the ass.  Not bosses who are pricks.  Not guys who drive like assh0les.

Ok, maybe some guys who drive like assh0les.

5) Pick a superpower, any superpower. What and why? How would this change your life? I've been asked this before, and I don't remember what I said.  I think maybe the ability to fly.  That would just be cool as hell.  That or invisibility.

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