I got the pulsatin' rhythmical remedy (busychild424) wrote,
I got the pulsatin' rhythmical remedy

Last night I had the strangest dream.  Check this out.

It started with me riding up to the 9th floor of some building in an elevator.  When I got out, I was in this weird small square lobby.  There were two elevator doors in the wall behind me, and then in each of the other three walls were identical doors.  Everything was painted completely white, the doorknobs and other hardware were brushed silver, the light was indirect ambient light which had no apparent source, and there was absolutely nothing in the room.  I had a printed out list of directions telling me how to find the particular office I was looking for.

First I had to go through the door on the left.  So I did.  It opened into another room, more rectangular like a hallway, but otherwise it was completely identical.  White everything with silver hardware, one door in each wall.  No decor, no furniture, nothing.  Even the floor was white carpet.  I consulted my directions again and went straight ahead, through the next door.

As I walked into the next (identical) hallway/room, a person was exiting the door opposite me, walking towards me.  He looked like my cousin John, but of course this is a dream, so it wasn't.  He was abous six foot two, very straight cut dark hair, wearing a typical boring dark business suit, brown or black, matching tie, white shirt, etc.  He looked straight ahead, never at me, and had a fake half-pleasant expression plastered on his face.  He said some random typical pleasantry that you say when you pass someone in the hall.  As we passed each other, I responded by asking him if he could look at my directions and show me where I needed to go.  He slowed his walk and responded with something completely unrelated to the question I'd asked him, something about some book he was reading or something.  Almost like a programmed response.  I said something like, "I'm sorry, did you hear me alright?"  He stopped and turned around to face me, still never looking at me, still with the same eerie generic pleasant expression on his face and didn't say anything.  I said, "I just asked you if you could help me find where I'm going.  Don't you think?"  The expression on his face turned to one of puzzlement, and he looked me right in the eye.

At that moment, three men in suits and sunglasses, almost like Agents from the Matrix, came through the door behind him and took him away.  He didn't struggle.  The impression I got was that he was about to escape from some weird state of being programmed to have an original thought, and he had to be taken away to have the programmed state reinforced.  I'd never been to that building before, I was not programmed in any way, so I wasn't subject to the same treatment.  Another way of saying how I felt about that in the dream would be "they didn't take me away because I didn't work there."

After seeing that, I followed my directions in reverse, found my way back to the elevators, and left without making my appointment.
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