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I put my hand on the baby tummy and momma said "You have to push kind of hard, he's way down in there, he's not close to the top right now." And I pushed kind of hard and I FELT THE BABY MOVE!!! He said "Knock it off, dad, you're squishing me!"

It was like this little vibration, just a small movement, but IT WAS SO COOL! I am so excited I can hardly see straight. What fun! Friday we get to go to the doctor and hear the heartbeat and maybe get a sonogram.

I got to work early today to take a shower since our shower at home is being remodeled and I didn't make it to the gym last night. I can never remember everything when I shower here. Last time it was my washcloth, this time it was my belt. And these pants are too big, so I'm walking around and they're threatening to fall down at any moment.

Good morning!!
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