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I got the pulsatin' rhythmical remedy

I just had the most entertaining conversation with my friend nick_charles. We were comparing his dream car, a 1969-1972 Lincoln Mark III

to my car, Casper the Miata.

It's a long conversation, so I'll cut it, but it's quite entertaining. We get into known defects, racing, and crash derbies. Good times.

nick_charles (11:30:14 PM): I would want to race you.
busychild424 (11:30:20 PM): HAHAHA
nick_charles (11:30:21 PM): No twistys.
busychild424 (11:30:25 PM): damn!
nick_charles (11:30:28 PM): Heheh.
busychild424 (11:30:30 PM): you'd smoke me
busychild424 (11:30:33 PM): but
busychild424 (11:30:54 PM): if we had a course that consisted of two quarter mile straights with one 110 degree turn in the middle, I'd kill you
busychild424 (11:31:03 PM): maybe
nick_charles (11:31:09 PM): Twistys are bad in a 6150lb (dry) car.
busychild424 (11:31:21 PM): yah
busychild424 (11:31:27 PM): unless you got really skilled at drifting it
busychild424 (11:31:37 PM): which would be a site to behold
busychild424 (11:31:47 PM): *sight
nick_charles (11:31:49 PM): If you wanted to go for the crash-up derby thing, though, I'd invest in some touch-up paint and take you on any day.
busychild424 (11:31:58 PM): no thanks
busychild424 (11:32:06 PM): unless I just relied on my car's ability to DODGE you the whole time
nick_charles (11:32:23 PM): Hmm.
busychild424 (11:32:25 PM): "oops, made you miss! oops, you missed again!"
nick_charles (11:32:39 PM): With your low weight, you might be abe to get me by FORDing a river.
busychild424 (11:32:45 PM): remember that crash derbys happen on dirt surfaces and I have RWD and a short wheelbase
busychild424 (11:32:48 PM): HAHA
busychild424 (11:33:28 PM): the other day I did a combination e-brake slide/first gear clutch dump to pull a 180 on a gravel road, first time I'd mastered that combination. it was fun.
nick_charles (11:33:37 PM): Hmm. The RWD wouldn't be real unique... My 390hp would, though.
busychild424 (11:33:51 PM): but the short wheelbase + rwd allows me to turn around faster than you
busychild424 (11:34:07 PM): your car would just TAKE LONGER to swing around 180
busychild424 (11:34:14 PM): I could just stay parallel to you the whole time
nick_charles (11:34:19 PM): My need for an octane of no less than 102 to avoid ping would put me at a disadvantage without AvGas, though.
busychild424 (11:34:23 PM): heheheh
busychild424 (11:34:45 PM): who do you think would run out of gas first?
busychild424 (11:35:01 PM): your massive gas chewing 8 with a huge tank, or my little light 4 with a small tank
nick_charles (11:35:04 PM): Hmm. The Mark III was rated at 8 in the city, by Ford.
busychild424 (11:35:10 PM): wow
busychild424 (11:35:18 PM): 8mpg * how many gallons?
nick_charles (11:35:37 PM): 42 gal rear tank, fill behind license plate.
busychild424 (11:35:42 PM): jesus christ
busychild424 (11:35:48 PM): you win
nick_charles (11:35:51 PM):
busychild424 (11:35:56 PM): 8*42=336 miles/tank
nick_charles (11:36:19 PM): If gas pumps were video games, I'd beat you on the top $$ score list any day.
busychild424 (11:36:34 PM): for me, keeping the numbers in the SAME ORDER (mpg * gallons), my 23*11.9=273.7 miles per tank.
busychild424 (11:36:41 PM): the 23 is city mpg of MY car, measured by ME.
nick_charles (11:36:44 PM): Heh. What a wussy tank.
busychild424 (11:36:49 PM): sir
busychild424 (11:37:00 PM): my car has never cost more than $18 to fill from empty.
busychild424 (11:37:10 PM): how much is 42 gallons of AvGas?
busychild424 (11:37:36 PM): or, if you like, 42 gallons of gas + octane booster
nick_charles (11:37:36 PM): Hmm. AvGas... $2.50/avg lately... A bill would probably fill it.
busychild424 (11:37:40 PM): ok
nick_charles (11:37:45 PM): Octane booster blows.
busychild424 (11:37:46 PM): so you spend $100 to go 336 miles
nick_charles (11:37:50 PM): Right
busychild424 (11:38:26 PM): 100/336
busychild424 (11:38:34 PM): .29/mile
nick_charles (11:38:37 PM): Right
busychild424 (11:38:38 PM): my car
busychild424 (11:38:54 PM): .06/mile
nick_charles (11:39:13 PM): Yeah, but in your research did you find any known issues with broken driveshafts like the Mark III had?
busychild424 (11:39:22 PM): heheheh
busychild424 (11:39:29 PM): I don't think stock Miatas are capable of that
nick_charles (11:39:52 PM): There's nothing like a bad-ass problem to have like snapping the damn driveshaft because you had such an excessive amount of torque happening down there.
busychild424 (11:39:58 PM): hahaha
nick_charles (11:40:19 PM):
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