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Friday Ten

From (fridayfiver):

1. Last time you smiled: Last night, laughing at GWB getting all flustered and angry hearing himself be criticized.

2. First time you can remember being proud of yourself: Probably either being praised for something school-related, or successfully building something out of Construx™.

3. Last time you lied: That's a tough one - I don't need to lie often. It was probably the last time I made up an excuse for being late to work or something.

4. First time you felt true sadness: When my great-grandmother died. I was five or six, and my mother was trying to explain the concept to me. It was hard to comprehend, but I remember understanding the part about how I'd never get to see her again.

5. Last time you you made a tough decision: In the past few months I've had to change financial priorities. Let's just leave it at that.

From (thefridayfive):

1. You're the opposite sex. Besides the obvious playing with the new parts, what would you do? Well, I take "playing with the new parts" to mean masturbation. I'd definitely do a lot of that. I'd also go out and have some sex. Both times I'd want to experience multiple orgasms.

But just in case the question is trying to avoid sex altogether, I'll give a fair answer. I'd probably get dressed up all sexy and go out to a bar or club. Not for sexual reasons though. I'd be curious about two things. 1) How differently do people perceive and treat a hot chick as opposed to a normal guy? What kind of power would I gain or lose over certain people? 2) What's it like to be ogled, stared at by some nasty old guy, to have someone make nasty lewd comments? What's it like to feel violated by some jerk? I'd want to experience that, to know it, so that when I went back to being a guy (somewhere I assumed that being a girl was temporary even though the question didn't say so), I'd really be able to identify with that kind of feeling and understand it, and be able to be compassionate about it and hopefully never make anyone else feel that way. Not that I don't already have that goal in mind, but I think that would help.

2. You're someone famous. Who and why? Didn't I answer that before?

3. You're the King (Queen) of the World (no, you're not James Cameron). What edict would you pass? Mandatory IQ tests, with an adequate score required in order to a) acquire a drivers license, and b) procreate.

4. You're no longer in Kansas (or this world) anymore. Where are you? Hell, I don't know. The only worlds I know of other than this one are science fiction worlds (Star Wars, etc) and fantasy worlds (Chronicles of Narnia). Not sure I'd want to exist in either of those for any length of time. Star Wars might be cool.

OTOH, being independently and fantastically wealthy would be like living in another world. I'll take that one.

5. You have a clone standing next to you and it's going to work/school for you while you get to play hooky. What are you going to do today? First I'm going to go home and crawl back into bed next to my wonderful wife and hold her and her pregnant baby tummy as we sleep. Then later on I'll have a casual, unhurried lunch at Quizno's, and then Tandra and I will go for a leisurely drive out in the country. :-)

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