I got the pulsatin' rhythmical remedy (busychild424) wrote,
I got the pulsatin' rhythmical remedy

stuck in reverse AGAIN!

Last night I wasn't careful enough about shifting out of 5th and I got stuck in reverse again. (See this post for me bitching (and a bonus narrative of the local Miata club's fall drive including a map), or just skip to this page for a description of the problem and the fix.) Fortunately this time I already knew how to fix it so I backed into someone's driveway and fixed it.

Or so I thought.

Unbeknownst to me, in the quickly darkening hours under the car, and despite the fact that I found a really convenient place next to the drive shaft to put my Mag Lite where it shined right on the area I needed to work on, I lost the copper washer that goes between the reverse lights switch and the gearbox. When I tightened the switch back on (it screws onto the gearbox), I overtightened it, which (I discovered a half mile or so later) resulted in 5th gear activating the reverse lights, and an inability to shift into reverse at all.

So I got home, jacked it up again, stuck the flashlight back in, and started screwing with it. It took me a while to figure out why I could get the shifter into the reverse position while the switch was off, but not while it was on. Finally I figured it out and just left a little bit of room on the switch, not tightening it all the way. Figured I'd find out about the washer today. In the process, both of the wires that attach to the reverse light switch snapped off due to all the twisting - I'll have to sauter them back on. I let the car down and put it into both first and reverse and nudged it enough to verify that I had locomotion in both directions, but not enough to get out of the garage at all.

This morning I was late for work. I jumped in the car (which I thought was good to go, aside from having no reverse lights due to the broken wires), and started backing down the driveway. I heard a really scary, ominous "ka-thunk, ka-thunk" coming from the drivetrain area, right where I'd been working. SH!T. I didn't have time to screw with it, so I took my wife's car to work. At lunch, I ran by the dealership and picked up the missing washer, hoping that was my problem. I got home, jacked the car back up... and realized I'd LEFT MY FLASHLIGHT UNDER THERE, and the sound I'd heard was the flashlight RUBBING AGAINST THE DRIVESHAFT. Good thing I noticed it right away and didn't move the car more than about a car length and a half.

I'm a retard.

I put the washer on, reaffixed the switch, and now aside from having no reverse lights (which I expect to remedy this evening) and being out two D cells (I left the flashlight on), I'm good to go again.

The moral of the story is, don't leave your flashlight wedged up in the bottom side of your car against the driveshaft, or it will scare you.
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