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Last night, for the hell of it, I went to the dealer and test drove the MazdaSpeed MX-5.

My car is an early '90. It's got the 1.6 which makes something like 118 hp. I've got Eibach springs and the Konis on it. Front and rear sway bars, strut brace, cone-style air filter, some kind of aftermarket exhaust.

Handling on the MX-5 was just as responsive as mine. The Bilstein shocks combined with the 17" Racing Hart wheels and Toyo Proxes R28s meant that while cornering and maneuvering were just as good as mine, the ability to soak up bumps far exceeded my car. This car also has power steering and the turbo gives it 178 hp on 2443 lbs, while my car weighs something in the neighborhood of 2250, I'm guessing. The power steering and better power to weight ratio made driving this car feel absolutely effortless. And with six gears, I didn't have to downshift much. Just put the pedal down and the thing is a rocket.

I can't even begin to afford it, but goddamn. I want one.
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