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So, the weather is getting cooler, dramatically. It's mid-October. My house was built in 1920, so we tend to have problems with mice. I had seen a couple recently and knew we were having some trouble, so last night I bought a couple packages of glue traps. About 6 last night I placed some traps where we've seen mice.

Anyone care to guess how many mice we caught last night?

Go on, guess. Guess how many mice we caught between 7 and 10, and then how many more we caught overnight.

Between 7 and 10 last night, we caught FIVE mice, all in the same spot. FIVE. And then overnight caught one more.

That's six of the eight glue traps I bought, used in one night.


I'm going to die of Hanta Virus.

In other news, I'm still totally stoked that Tandra's pregnant. :-)

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