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I have this idea about Problems. I think everyone has a certain space in their lives, a certain space in their heads, that is reserved for Problems, whatever those might happen to be at the moment. And I think that whatever Problems you have in your life, they will always expand to fill that space. We grow accustomed to life, and whatever Problems we encounter at that stage cause us a certain degree of unhappiness. For example, right now, I'm having a very stressful time coping with the fact that my current living situation is financially unsustainable. This causes me a fair amount of stress on a day-to-day basis. Whereas, when you see some spoiled rich brat kid getting upset about something small, to an extent that seems disproportionate to us, it's just because that person has become accustomed to a certain standard of living, and whatever Problems they have expand to fill that Problem space in their head, causing them the same amount of unhappiness as I feel over my financial situation. Also, even though my finances seem like a big problem to me, I think about my situation six months ago and at that time, I would have given anything to have the problems I have today. So, my Problems then, even though they were worse, expanded to fill the same amount of Problem space that my financial issues fill today.

I guess another way of wording it would be to say that we get comfortable, we hit the cruise control on the road of life and kick back emotionally, and just enjoy it. Then, anything that slows us down or prevents us from proceeding the way we want to is equally upsetting/annoying/Problematic, no matter how big or small the issue actually is.

This doesn't work 100% in my head yet. For example, I don't spend all my time upset, not eating, in despair, like I did six months ago. The Problems I have now aren't having the same effect on me as the ones I had then. Those were verifiably worse. Also, there is this extra space in our heads above and beyond that of day-to-day problems, for catastrophic and traumatic events like deaths or something. So in that regard, it doesn't entirely work yet.


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