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sourgasm has this on his LJ. I don't want to jump on the rumor bandwagon as this has not been confirmed, and the wording of this particular bit of copy is certainly slanted, but it's worth educating yourself about, in any case.
President Bush: Stop Destruction of Voter Registrations

Evidence is rapidly emerging of an aggressive voter suppression effort funded by the Republican National Committee and carried out in a number of states. As first reported by a CBS affiliate in Las Vegas, voter registration operatives paid by the Republican National Committee (RNC) collected thousands of voter registration forms but shredded forms filled in by democrats. These voters now mistakenly believe that they are registered to vote.

Take Action: http://www.workingforchange.com/activism/action.cfm?itemid=17865

The operatives were employed by a Republican consulting firm Sproul & Associates, whose owner is Nathan Sproul, former head of the Arizona Republican Party and Arizona Christian Coalition. This firm has received hundreds of thousands of dollars from the RNC, and is operating in numerous states. They register voters under the neutral sounding name of Voters Outreach of America.

The extent of the fraud is as yet unknown, and may not be fully known until Election Day.

Because of the illegal activity of this company, some voters who go to the polls on Election Day will be turned away at the door.

As a result of this criminal behavior, hundreds -- or even thousands -- of would-be voters will find out on Election Day that their registration form was never processed. Because of this company's dirty tricks, these individuals will be denied their right to vote.

TAKE ACTION! Demand that President Bush renounce these dirty tricks and order his presidential campaign and the Republican National Committee to immediately sever all ties with Voters Outreach of America and Sproul & Associates, and to cooperate fully with all legal authorities to punish those responsible: http://www.workingforchange.com/activism/action.cfm?itemid=17865
Following the link will take you to a page where you can send an e-mail to Ed Gillespie, Chairman of the Republican National Committee, and Dubya, telling them, essentially, to fsck off with this behavior.

The page also contains a link to the news story first broken by KLAS TV in Las Vegas.

www.talkingpointsmemo.com is keeping a close eye on this.

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