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Is anyone else aware of the fact that GWB's website appears to now be BLOCKING FOREIGN VISITORS??? Apparently a request for the site from the UK returns the following: "Access denied: You don't have permission to access http://georgewbush.com on this server." Can you believe this sh!t? Does he really need to reinforce the fact that he hates "dem furners"?? How stupid is he?

The story I linked to includes lots of contributions from readers worldwide about their ability/inability to access the site, their comments, how the blocking works, how to get around it, etc. Quote from the linked page: "It must be hard work keeping up with all those internets."

From Netcraft, who has a story with a bit of an explanation: "Excluding non-U.S. requests could be denying access to the Bush campaign site to some registered voters, including American residents who are living overseas but eligible to vote by absentee ballot." Nice.

[Edit: BBC has picked this story up.]
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