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Well, I know you're all dying to hear about our trip to the Ozarks. We borrowed my dad's digital camera, so there are about forty thousand images under the cut.

We meant to leave town by 9 AM, but it was noon before we finally hit the road. It was a nice drive though, very relaxing. We even passed the truck stop hotel we stayed at on our way back from picking up the Miata in Kentucky last January! That kind of killed a little of the fun though, up until that point we had no idea where the place actually was.

Anyway, we finally got to our cottage Saturday night after dark. I took a quick shot of it (still learning how to use the camera) to give you guys an idea what it was like. It was cute and cozy and about the size of a studio apartment.

We unloaded our stuff and went back into town for dinner. There was a grand total of ONE restaurant open at 8 PM on a Saturday night, so we ate there. They had the BEST FRENCH FRIES EVER and some NOT-SO-GOOD bread pudding.

After that we crashed in our little one-room cottage which was nice enough to come equipped with Dish Network.

Sunday morning we woke up and looked around. There was a creek about 40 yards from the front of our cottage.

As we were leaving to go get breakfast, we noticed a stick bug on the side of the cottage.

I'd never seen one before.

On our way to breakfast, the sun peeked out for a minute.

We had breakfast at a place called Winfield's.

You can see the big squirt bottles of pop syrup, they made their sodas the old-fashioned way. I had eggs & bacon and biscuits & gravy. It was SO GOOD.

I started fiddling with the camera some more to figure out how it worked. I pointed it at Tandra. The redeye prevention thing started and made a strange bright red light come on, which caused Tandra to react thusly:

Of course I found that quite amusing.

After breakfast we bought some groceries, dropped them off at the cottage, and headed out to see the Ozarks. The first thing we found was called Rocky Falls.

It's taller than it looks in that shot. I climbed up to the top and took a picture back down.

Then we headed towards Blue Spring. We had to park and then walk along this trail. I couldn't believe that this relatively large-sized creek I was hiking next to was ALL water that was coming from this spring

but it was.

Now I don't really know what I was expecting. I guess at this point I thought that the water would be flowing out from under that big rock.

I figured at all times the creek was, you know, a foot or so deep, and that it was all flowing out, horizontally, from under that cliff wall.

Then I got a little closer.

And a little closer.

And looked WAY DOWN DEEP.

This thing scares the crap out of me!

What you might need to understand if you've not seen a spring before is that the rocks you're seeing are not a reflection of the ones above the water - this spring is water that comes up from WAY DOWN DEEP in the ground. And it's so unbelievably clear that you can see the rock walls of the cave that the water comes up through.

Do you see that? The rock walls just DISAPPEAR down there. Scary.

Oh, and yeah, there's a reason it's called Blue Spring. That's not Photoshopped.

We climbed up the trail to the top of the cliff wall. This is the spring from above.

Tandra. :-) This shot is for the baby.

Here's us.

After that we went back to the cabin for what turned out to be a four-hour nap. It was really nice to be able to do that and feel no guilt whatsoever. :-)

The only thing I do feel bad about is that we really didn't have much of a Halloween. We tried to make up for it by driving around this slightly creepy little town taking pictures.

We found one really scary abandoned house. It actually hadn't occurred to me to look for orbs, but when I saw this shot, I believe my words were "let's get the crap out of here."

We drove around some more and took some shots, one of this church.

Unfortunately, those orbs have to be discredited because there was mist in the air that night.

Monday morning we woke up and lazily got our stuff packed up and ready to go. While waiting for Tandra to do her makeup, I figured out how to take close-up shots with the camera.

Tandra decided to take some shots from the front porch of the cottage to show what our view was like.

We took off, hoping the rain would subside. It didn't, all day, but that didn't slow us down. We went to Round Spring. This is a really cool spring - the place where it actually comes up out of the ground is called the "Skylight" because it is completely surrounded by rock - you just look down into this circular hole where there is spring water.

After that, it flowed back underground (horizontally, this time)

and then came back out a few yards away in a different place where it actually flows off towards whatever river it feeds:

Again, very beautiful, even if we were quite wet.

After that, we went to Alley Spring, which also has a Mill next to it.

There was a trail that ran along the creek that comes from this spring.

It had some rocky outcroppings and couple small caves.

We crawled into one of them.

Again, wet but fun.

It was a good trip.

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