I got the pulsatin' rhythmical remedy (busychild424) wrote,
I got the pulsatin' rhythmical remedy

As I said earlier, I'm ashamed and embarrassed to be an American today.

I wish I could dig a tunnel for myself, disappear into the earth, and pop up in Canada or some other place where the disapproving eye of the international community wouldn't be planted squarely on me.

I mean, I genuinely don't want to be considered a part of the population that voted the way it did yesterday. Sweeping homophobia being legislated?? And a presidential election that virtually shouts to the rest of the world, "We don't care what the hell you think, we don't care what effects we're having internationally, we stand behind the arrogance and unilateralism that has become the status quo."?

How could this happen?

I'll tell you how. Fear. Fear makes us retreat into ourselves and what comes out is our basic childishness. Americans were brainwashed and intimidated into voting for a man who sees himself as the embodiment of god's will, a man who believes he knows the mind and will of god. An arrogant, swaggering man who sees himself as America's cowboy. A man who feels that legislating his own morality is appropriate. A man who blatantly, obviously, twisted a national tragedy and manipulated it to carry out his own personal agenda, and he did it right in front of everyone. This man thinks he is invincible, and now we've contributed to that feeling. I'm genuinely scared of what this man and his all-Republican congress are capable of after his ego is swelled even more by this tragic win.

Fear is also the motivating factor behind the gay marriage bans, and the failures to legalize marijuana. UNFOUNDED fear. IMPRACTICAL fear.

I wish no ill will on the President's personal physical being, but I wish there were some way for his Presidency to instantly shrivel up and die. (Not that I'm any more interested in the concept of President Cheney.) I'm very tempted to revert back to my stance on politics from six months ago. I felt that the way things are set up now, it's impossible for any third-party candidate to have a chance at the presidency. I felt that those who condoned trying to bring about change by working within the system were naive and stupid because the system is now so heavily weighted towards preserving the status quo.

Very tempted.

Maybe Kos and others are right and the Democratic party is in desperate need of reform, reorganization, and a new grassroots battle from the ground up. I'm just going to have a hard time being motivated to direct any bit of my energy into it since I really feel like it would be pointless at this moment. I just want a party and a candidate who represents ME and who has a shot at governing our country. At this point it really doesn't look likely, and that's sad since I am 28, have my own family and a real job, and am an actual contributing member of society with my own honest concerns and issues with regard to government.

I guess I can kiss the idea of my prescription co-pays coming down goodbye.

Four years feels like an awful long time right now.
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