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Friday Fifteen

From (fridayfiver):

Gizmos & Gadgets

1. Your most favorite gadget:
I would just like to say that I love gadgets. My favorite? It's probably one I use so often that I forget it's a gadget, it's just integrated into my personal life. Does a computer count, or are we talking more simplistic here? Chef's knife? Loupe? My car's almost a gadget. I guess my official choice would be my drill. I love fixing stuff and building stuff, especially when I get to use my drill.

Or, no, I think I love my tripod way more than my drill. It's the tripod for sure.

2. Your most useless: Garlic press.

3. Your most useful: Drill again.

4. Best-bargain gadget you've purchased: Ummmmm. I really don't know. The drill was inexpensive. So was the garlic press, but it's devoid of value which does not indicate a bargain. I buy stuff when I need it, not when it's on sale.

5. The one you would love to receive this holiday season: Let me check my Christmas list and see if there are any gadgets on it... Maybe the 58mm Neutral Density graduated gray lens filter. That's a nice one. Or a light box. I think that might be even better.

From (thefridayfive):

1. If you were a shoe, what would you look like? I have no clue. This was a hard question for me. But I think these are f*cking cool:

2. If you were a t-shirt, what would you say?

Funny as hell to the select few who "get it", just confusing and dumb to the rest.

3. If your house caught on fire and was burning to the ground...what is the one thing you'd save and why? Aside from my family? Photographs. Everything else can be replaced.

4. If you were a book...would you read yourself? Hell yes. I'm egocentric that way. I stubbornly insist that I'm interesting whether others believe it or not.

5. If you could do anything at all (without consequences), what would you do? Do I have God powers? If so, I'd painlessly prevent stupid people from procreating. If not, I suppose I'd steal some kind of really kickass car and drive the hell out of it all over the place for a while. Maybe keep it. Maybe steal and keep a bunch of cool cars, and a warehouse to put them in.

And for worldcomrade:

1. What song would you pick for an inter-galactic sing-a-long and why? The First, The Last, My Everything -- Barry White. Because that's some funny sh!t right there.

2. Tell us about your views of umbrellas, lawn mowers and imperialism and their inter-relationship. Anyone who can practice imperialism solely with the use of lawn mowers and umbrellas has my vote.

3. Who is your inner celebrity and why? Chris Tucker. Because he cracks me the f*ck up.

4. Spaceman or spaceperson? Person.

5. What are your views on cheese? It's good, generally.

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