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The weekend was spent working, working, working. Saturday, aside from 2 hours drive time and roughly 2 hours for dinner, the ENTIRE DAY was spent doing manual labor. Most of the day my dad, brother and I were manly men and drove to my dad's friend's ranch, to a place where you can only get if you have 4WD, sported a chain saw, and filled a big-ass trailer full of firewood. So my shed is now well-stocked with firewood for the winter.

After that I spent time putting together and moving furniture, generally fixing things around the house, hooking up my mother-in-law's entertainment center, programming her universal remote (ok, not exactly manual labor, but still work)... I was beat by the end of the day.

Ok, it just occurred to me that this entry is ridiculously mundane and boring, so *ABORT* *ABORT* *ABORT*
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