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So, my friend Matt has a Volvo, a 760, I believe. Big old heavy safe thing. It has an interference engine. This means that the pistons, when they are up, use some of the same space that the valves use when the pistons are down. If the timing gets wonky (for example, if the timing belt snaps), it can cause serious damage to the engine.

About 4 or 6 weeks ago, his timing belt snapped on the highway. He hasn't gotten it diagnosed yet, but odds are good that his head needs a ~$3000 rebuild. He's been borrowing and renting cars since then.

Yesterday he bought a used cop car from the Wichita PD.

Now, I knew he had a white Impala with no hubcaps. I knew this. But I still underestimated how much this thing looks like a cop car, even without the paint, light bar, markings, and everything else.

It's a VERY plain white Impala. Very little badging. Very basic trim. No hubcaps. Smoked headlights.

This is made even more interesting by the fact that it's pretty well known publicly that the Wichita PD have got some unmarked units patrolling lately. They look JUST LIKE MATT'S CAR.

So last night he came over to show it to me. Heheheheh.

We drove around a bit, and then he let me drive it. It should be pointed out that he and I are both ridiculously amused by this. We've had all kinds of fun discussions about the possibilities. I started having fun with it right away.

I was going South on Grove, a four lane city street divided by a median with turn lanes. There was only one other car on the road, coming towards us. I got into the left turn lane and sat there. For a while. I had plenty of time to turn, but I didn't. I let the guy come by. He went by, and I flipped a quick U-turn. At this point Matt and I start giggling. I put the pedal down and zoom up to within about four car lengths of the guy (who was driving a white mini-van), but not in the same lane. I was in the right lane, he in the left. Almost immediately he used his turn signal and got into the right lane in front of me. I said to Matt, "I'm running his plates now." We giggled some more. A lot more. We giggled more and more as mister mini-van reduced his speed gradually (and nervously, I'm guessing) from 35 (the speed limit) to 33, 32, 30, 28. He cruised at 28 for another three or four blocks before turning on his right turn signal again. Instead of going around, I slowed way down and stayed right behind him, but when he turned off, I went straight.

Matt and I laughed our asses off.

Maybe I should have started flashing my brights at him, and when he pulled over, ran up to the car and said "I just wanted to let you know I'm not a cop" and ran back to the car and left. That's not technically impersonating an officer, right? Anyone can flash their brights at you, and I would have gone out of my way to point out that I wasn't a cop. That's legal, right? Maybe?

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