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I got the pulsatin' rhythmical remedy

Thanksgiving weekend was pretty cool. Tandra and I had dinner at our place for the first time ever, that was cool. It was very successful with the help of Tandra's mother who, in a week, has already proven herself to be the best roomate we've ever had. She cleans house like a crazy person. It's nice.

Tandra and I busted our butts cooking and serving and hosting, and by 4 PM this was us:

Tandra is insane and actually went shopping for a bit on Friday. Not me. I chilled at home almost the entire weekend.

Well, not Saturday night. Saturday night I found myself with some friends at Finn's for most of the night. After a while though, we got bored and decided to break some laws. I'm not going to mention specifics in case search engines are looking for me, but I'll tell the story anyway.

You locals are familiar with this building downtown, of course. It's technically the tallest building in Kansas.

A friend and I did not climb to the top of this building.

However, if you look at the other tall building on the right of that photo, you guys know what that is, right? The building that used to be a hotel that's now being converted into apartments, but only a few floors are converted and the rest of the building is abandoned, you know, the one across the street from Century II?

Ok, look at this picture - same building there on the left. See how there are a couple real tall antenna masts?

That taller antenna mast is the highest land-supported point in the state of Kansas. That is to say, the building itself is not higher than the one pictured above, but its antenna goes higher.

Um, when you're at the top of that antenna, and you look down, it looks like the antenna is the same height as the building. Meaning, it looks like the roof of the building is half way between where you are and where the ground is.

We only had to circumvent one chain link fence and jimmy one door to get there. The rest was all unlocked doors, freight elevators and stair climbing.

hehehehh, fun. :-)

Oh, and the weather is actually behaving on schedule this year. It is currently raining ice, and we should have plenty of snow on the ground by tomorrow! Yay!

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