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Wichita drivers are goddamn infuriating. I hate you all.

On the other hand, maybe it's not your fault you drive so slow. Maybe it's the fault of these dickheads:

Here they are again, all lined up on the southwest corner of Kellogg and Grove, picking on high school kids at lunch time. (For those of you who don't know, this is the main thoroughfare from East High to the nearest bunch of fast food restaurants. Is it any coincidence that these guys are always here over the lunch hour? I think not.) I posted about this once before, but now I have a decent digital camera so I can show you. Every time I see them I think, "What a bunch of pricks."

Do you see how many cop cars there are here? SIX. SIX COP CARS. In the world of city police, this is a veritable ARMY. When was the last time you saw SIX COP CARS in one place at one time? (No Krispy Kreme references, I'm trying to be serious here.) Imagine if you saw someone who had been pulled over who had SIX COP CARS behind them. You know that motherf*cker's going to jail.

Wichita police are so anal about speed limits. It's just further proof to my theory that Wichita is nothing more than an oversized small town. Our local government still practices small town behaviors - the police department makes money for the city by brutally enforcing speed limits and handing out assloads of tickets.

Furthermore, I haven't had a speeding ticket stick on my record (and therefore not on my insurance) in three years because it's a piece of cake to get them amended to "Inattentive Driving", which is (strangely) not a moving violation. This essentially means that speeding tickets are a tax. A speeding tax. If they catch you speeding, they don't really care all that much, they just want their money, so you have to pay the tax.

Okay, I have to admit a couple things here though.

1. One of two situations is true here. Either a) Whichever two cars that are pulled over here are not the first, were stupid (or seriously not paying attention) to be going fast enough to get a ticket when there is obviously a vehicle stopped on the road in front of them; or b) the cops here are being RIDICULOUSLY anal about the speed limit. Wouldn't surprise me. I drove by at about 30 (it's a 35) just to be sure, when I came by going the other way, the way they were clocking. I NEVER speed there around noon because they do this about once a week. It's like they all get bored and decide to get together and get their kicks ticketing high school kids.

2. It's nice to have such an easy way to keep speeding tickets off my record and off my insurance. I'm glad that's an option, because between Tandra and I, we tend to get a lot of speeding tickets.

Still though. What a bunch of bastards.


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