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In Other News...

My post about the cops running radar has sparked quite the debate over at wichitalife. It appears that there are two very deeply divided camps - those who are convinced that speeding is dangerous and awful and unnecessary (people who should stay in Wichita or move to a small town), and the sane people (people who should move out of Wichita to a real city). It's all very interesting and has made me wonder about opinions on driving habits and road rage in general. If I recall correctly, Wichita scored somewhere in the top five cities with populations over 250,000 in road rage. I'm sure this is why. It makes me curious how this is different in other cities?

See, there are people here who drive like it's a small town, and people here who drive like it's a city. Everyone's all confused about it. So EVERYONE gets pissed off at everyone else. It's not like one or the other where everyone agrees. It's all very frustrating.

So, what's it like in your city?
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