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From (fridayfiver):

1. Describe the condition of your keyboard: Slightly dusty, but pretty clean. Of the ergonomic variety.

2. Can you sing, or are you always out of key? I can sing okay. Nothing like scarletfirefly who should be world-famous for her singing.

3. What keys do you carry with you? Um... car, house, parents house, work (I'm I.T. so I get the GOD key, I could get into the CEO's office if I wanted to), Tandra's car, Troy's house. That's it. What other odds and ends are on there? Part of a bicycle chain, a combination bottle opener and allen wrench, an I-button for Laser Quest even though I haven't been in years, the thingy that beeps me in the door at work, a Dillon's card, and a PetSmart card.

Surprisingly all that crap doesn't take up all that much space. I hate large wads of keys in my pocket.

4. What is the key to personal happiness? BAHAHAHAHA. Put me at the top of your list of people to tell when you figure it out.

5. What gets you keyed up? Tandra. My family. Miatas. Racing cars. Video games. Mountain biking.

From (thefridayfive):

1. What is a fond holiday tradition from your childhood? Decorating the Christmas tree with my family..

2. If you could start a new holiday tradition, what would it be? I did! It's decorating the Christmas tree with my family! :-)

3. What is your favorite Christmas song and who sings it? Um. Probably something by Trans-Siberian Orchestra.

4. Is there a certain event, food, television program, etc. that makes your Christmastime complete? Oh hell yes. It's the Rudolph TV show that's narrarated by Burl Ives. You can't beat that.

5. Does is traditionally snow where you live at Christmastime? If not, do you wish that it did? Um? We live in Kansas. It's completely unpredictable, though it doesn't look real promising this year - we haven't had more than an inch of snow this year. I wish it would snow lots more.

From flydayfyve (quite a lame set of questions this week):

1) What is the worst car accident you've ever been in? I've been in several cars as they were totalled. Probably the "worst" was when a big red pickup truck ran a red light and hit a big white pickup truck, at which point both trucks careened towards and hit me. I was fine, just pissed off at the IDIOT who ran the light. Dumbass.

2) Have you had an accident where you were totally at fault? One, YEARS ago when I was first learning to drive.

3) One where they were at fault? Just the one I mentioned above.

4) Ever hit an inanimate object? You mean, like an air conditioning unit outside of an apartment complex? Say, going too fast in reverse and turning the wheel the wrong way? Years ago? No. Never. That never happened to me.

5) Ever watch someone else hit an inanimate object? Not that I recall at the moment, but it wouldn't surprise me if I had.

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    Relic, originally uploaded by busychild424 (Josh). Description: This relic is actually sitting unused in one of my classrooms.

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