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wedding post

So, the wedding was wonderful. It was very nice, very elegant. I was actually really impressed. Gianna and Matt did a wonderful job. There are about four zillion pictures under the cut.

Here's the ballroom. Shots taken with two different cameras.

Obviously I got there early and it wasn't dark yet. I was happy to get this shot of the cake with the Shirkmere's stained glass window behind it.

After the champagne arrived it looked like this:

There were flower bouquets around the ballroom.

I actually have almost no good pictures of the ceremony at this point. I am waiting on shots from a couple other cameras, including Gianna's cameras. Those shots are pretty much guaranteed to be good, I just don't have them yet.

Here's a shot of Tandra's boss, Reverend Hansen, who performed the ceremony.

My side of the party waiting for the bride:

Nic and Xandria were utterly adorable as ring bearer and flower girl.

And us lighting the Unity Candle:

Everything else is pretty much reception and obligatory family and guests pictures.

Throwing the bouquet

Cutting the cake

Smooshing the cake. We agreed not to do this, then did it anyway.

I was going to live up to my end of the deal, but she started it. Thus I didn't get to smoosh her very well. So after we we were laughing and stuff, then I smooshed her some more.

The best man makes a toast

Tandra insisted we do obligatory wedding party pictures next so that she could get out of her dress. Gianna was ridiculously efficient.
Here's a bunch of family:

Wedding party

The beautiful bride

Happy couple!

Happy family!


Then we danced.
Bride & Groom's first dance

Me and my mom

Me and my sister

Me and my mother-in-law

Me and Xandria

Then suddenly my PARENTS got out on the floor and started dancing!

No, you don't understand. This was a complete shock to my brother, sister, and I. We all just kind of stopped what we were doing and watched this. This was pretty unexpected out of my parents. Turns out they got a couple lessons from friends just for the wedding!

And of course Tandra did some dancing.
With Nic:

With her dad:

And here's a shot of Tandra with her mom

I'm not going to post all the pictures of all the friends and family who were there. I do want to post this shot of my grandparents. My grandpa may not be around much longer.

And this is Richard Wood and his wife. Richard was the counselor Tandra and I were seeing when our relationship was on the rocks. I believe we wouldn't have made it if it weren't for him, and I told him I felt like I owed this day to him.

Xandria wanted to wear mom's tiara veil thing.

This is the "uh-oh, I gotta go potty" look:

Then I snuck some trance into the reception music and Nic loved it! He danced like a maniac.

It was a very intimate, elegant wedding. I loved it. We loved it. I owe Matt and Gianna more than I can ever repay them. Thanks you guys.

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