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I got the pulsatin' rhythmical remedy

lots of things running around in my head this morning

I know why men get stressed out in their middle-age years. It's not professional at all. See, when I wake up in the morning (and I assume most guys are like this) I am able to just wake up and have it be a brand new day. A fresh start where all the worries from the day or night before are no longer worries. It's a fresh perspective. That stuff isn't forgotten, but somehow everything is ok. I can remember whatever was bothering me before and be ok with it. Don't ask me to explain, I don't know how it works, it just does.

But girls aren't like that. Girls, when they wake up, their mind picks up exactly where it left off...IMMEDIATELY. No groggy, no wake-up time, nothing. And they won't hesitate to bring it up again, immediately, while you're still in your happy just woke up state. Or if they don't, you can tell they're thinking about it so you may as well have to be talking about it.

And this is why men get stressed. They wake up, think happy thoughts like "fuck it's early, I don't want to wake up yet" or "just five more minutes" or other similarly shallow thoughts. Then their thoughts turn to their wonderful fabulous significant other and how much they love this person. Then they remember the day or night before, and whatever unresolved issue is hanging in the air. Now up until this point, it's all ok because they guy can just be ok with it and move on. But he realizes that she's not going to let it go, so he must begin preparing his mind for a continuation of the battle/discussion/conversation/whatever that was going on before. So he doesn't get that simple, no-thought, no-stress morning time.


I wish grooveradio.com still existed. I discovered so much cool music listening to them.


I have this ex-girlfriend from a long time ago. For reasons I won't go into now, my current gf has historically disliked this person. A lot. I don't think it's justified but she's entitled to her feelings and I'll respect that. I don't have to agree with it, but I can respect it. So things were all fine until I got an invitation to this ex's college graduation this weekend. Now my gf says that she doesn't care if we go. In fact, she said she wouldn't care if I wanted to hang out and have coffee with this ex. I'm highly suspicious of this. I don't think my gf's feelings just flipped suddenly. I wonder if she's stifling her feelings in the interest of making me happy. I appreciate that, but I don't want her to squash her feelings and then end up resenting me. I think those feelings are probably still there. On the other hand, obviously it means something to this ex for me to show up at her graduation. I really don't care if I ever see this person again, but who am I to deny her my simple presence? I can just show up, let her see me, and then go. But I'm worried because I don't know how my gf truly feels about it. Her feelings about the whole deal are much more important to me than the ex's (obviously).


Am I the only one who is annoyed by it when you say "what's wrong" and she says "nothing"? Or if you say "why are you mad?" and she says "I'm not mad." And then you have to fish around and go "what are you, upset? frustrated? annoyed? disappointed?" JUST COME OUT AND SAY IT! (Tandra does come out and say it, to her credit.) To me if you do either of those things, you've just forfeited your right to bitch about whatever it is. Don't make it so difficult.


I guess we're not riding with Miah anymore this week. Monday night while riding he took it upon himself to jump off a five-foot loading dock at which point he re-dislocated his shoulder. It popped out and right back in, but still hurt. He says the joint is all grinding and stuff when he moves it which means there's torn up cartilage in there and stuff. He wasn't wearing his "don't-dislocate-your-shoulder-a-second-time" brace because he forgot it. Woops. Good thing it was the last thing we did that night. The rest of the session was LOTS-O-FUN. Tandra went along, so I love that. I challenge myself more when she's there because I like to show off, so I usually progress more when she's there. Plus I just like when she comes along.


All my bitching this morning is just general bitching. It's not directed towards you. Baby, I'm not upset with you or feeling badly towards you at all. I promise. I love you.

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