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I got the pulsatin' rhythmical remedy

Of course the day started with a kid busting into the bedroom at top speed yelling "Mommy! Joshy! Wake up! It's Christmas!" And Tandra and I flying out of bed and digging our claws into the ceiling like garfield.

First we opened presents, of course.

Xandria got some big toys. A My Size Barbie

And a ridable horse.

Tasha, the dog, was a little hesitant at first.

Nic got cool stuff too.

Tandra made me a scrapbook about our relationship and how much she loves me. I can't explain to you how meaningful this is to me and how much I love it. It's the best thing I got for Christmas, far and away. It made me cry. :-)

After that, Tandra's mom cooked a huge breakfast as she always does, and her side of the family came over to the house. I was so intent on eating that I forgot to take pictures of that part.

Then we drove an hour to my cousin and her husband's house. Grandma and the kids all fell asleep in the back seat.

As soon as I walked in. I told you.

Then we ate dinner.

After dinner everyone split up into their respective groups. The kids played video games,

the ladies stood in the kitchen and talked,

And the guys played Stock Market. (Michael's pretty excited about something or other.)

I told you.

Uncle Ray spent one of his few waking moments being charmed by Xandria.

Everyone just hanging out after dinner.

It was a good day. Merry Christmas!
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