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I'm really sick of being broke.

Things have been really really good since Tandra got a job, but we haven't been making the mortgage payment because we've been waiting on my mortgage company to work out a plan for us to get caught back up. So that had to end some time.

Today I talked to them. For the next five months, they want me to make basically DOUBLE my normal mortgage payment every month until it's paid back.

That's a lot of freaking money.

That means scrimping and scrounging and being broke and no extras all spring just like it was all fall.

I am not happy about it.

I also hate my job today. We're releasing websites and publications to the public that have been designed by a woman here who is NOT a graphic designer, and her work sucks. It's embarrassing. My boss agrees with me, but trying to talk to his boss about it is like screaming into a black hole. He ignores me, deflects the topic to something else, and just generally avoids the issue. Cheap bastard. We need a goddamn graphic designer.

So yeah, hi, happy holidays everybody.
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