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I got the pulsatin' rhythmical remedy

Our local power company has contracted with power companies in ten states to bring crews in to help restore power to the Wichita area. I've heard we have crews from as far away as Kentucky and Ohio, and I personally saw some trucks from Houston.

Last night I turned onto the street leading into my neighborhood and saw a big utility truck with a cherry picker on top, right where I saw the flash when our power went out. There were a group of guys in orange vests standing around the bottom of the truck.

Me: "Are you the power guys?"
Power guy: "What?"
Me: "I mean, you guys aren't fixing the cable or trimming trees, you're actually restoring the power, right?"
Power guy: "Yeah. Where do you live?"
Me: "Right down that way. I've been off for six days and I'm sick of running that damn generator."
Power guy: "Well go turn it off, your power will be on any second now."
Me: *pause*
Me: "I love you."
Power guys: look at each other hesitantly
Power guys: get the joke and start laughing
Power guy: Points to the youngest guy in the crew and says "Are you talking to him? Cause he's gay."
Power guys and me: laugh
Young power guy: looks like he's just been hassled by his seniors

And the power was on before I could drive down the street to my house. Two hours shy of six full days I was without power.

But it's all good now.
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