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Bare minimum update, bemusing style

Very busy at work. Committed to having 2 complex sites up and running by Valentine's day. Lots of work is done on them, but lots isn't.

Very busy at work and at home with non-work stuff. Need to make arrangements for the Miata club's website to continue to be. Kind of my job, sort of a big deal if it doesn't happen. Messing with that. Also have ambitious project at home I am trying to take care of. Also Tandra's car has decided (again) not to run (yes, it's the same thing and we still haven't figured it out) and so my goal for the week outside of work is to get it fixed.

Tandra's mood-swingy and happy and uncomfortable and has splitting headaches a lot of the time and is generally happy with life but now it's kind of starting to look like her job is looking for reasons to get rid of her. This is just speculation on my part based on what's gone on lately, but that's the instinct she and I have gotten from the situation. Hopefully that turns in a happier direction.

Very hopefully.

Yesterday though was a vacation day and therefore was treated as such by me not stepping foot outside the house (except to drag the dumpster back up to the house), not getting dressed at any point, and also by playing something like eight hours of San Andreas. Much progress was achieved and to Big Poppa the drug dealer I say in the voice of the guy on the football commercial, "WE WILL PROTECT THIS HOUSE!". I did however shower so all was not lost.

That is all.

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