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Non-gamer-geeks please skip. karbonkid and bemusing, please take note.

GT4 online, despite having no online support?

I've heard a small bit about this in the past, but today I investigated further and found this to be highly interesting.

Apparently there is a website, http://www.teamxlink.co.uk/, that allows your PS2 (or PC or XBOX or GC) to tunnel through the Interweb and play LAN games around the world. FO' FREE.

As an explanation for the uninitiated: Before a lot of games had Internet support, like back when Sony was playing around with the massively failed iLink concept (which required multiple TVs in one room and users to tote their PS2s around like it was a LAN party), console games generally only supported multiplayer games via 2-player mode or multitaps (I know, let's play using just a FRACTION of the screen and QUADRUPLE the resources necessary!) or via a LAN, which was preferred but terribly uncommon in my experience.

Well, this free website and its free download, properly hooked up to your console/home network, fools your console into thinking that you're playing on a LAN, when really you're playing with anyone else who's connected to the service, all over the world.

Three things get my attention about this. 1) Gran Turismo 4 is multiplayable this way. GT4 comes out on February first. I am GEEKED about this, however at this very moment this does not hold as much priority as item 2. 2) Gran Turismo 3 has LAN support, so I am assuming that it also is multiplayable this way. This means that I could be multiplaying GT3, all the time, RIGHT NOW. With the exception of the fact that I need one more NIC card for my PC, an Ethernet crossover cable, and a few minutes to install/configure said items. This brings me to item 3. 3) I can acquire a NIC card and a crossover cable, THIS EVENING, FOR FREE. This means that by late tonight, assuming things go well, I could theoretically be playing GT3 online. ONLINE. GT3 DOES NOT HAVE ONLINE SUPPORT, BUT I COULD BE PLAYING IT ONLINE TONIGHT ANYWAY.

God bless http://www.teamxlink.co.uk/ and God bless technology, amen.

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