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My friend nick_charles is brilliantly entertaining. Unfortunately, he tends to do this via IM, not LJ, so I'll have to share his latest on his behalf.

He tends to go on tangents, a bit.

Before I get into today's conversation, it needs to be known that he and I have an inside joke that basically entails using the words "WAS ASS" to describe any time a person behaves like an ass. Like filling out a checklist on a survey form or something.

So today I was explaining to him that from the bit of reading I'd done, there seems to be a distinction between LJ and other 'blogs' using, say Movable Type or some such. I told him that LJ was like the Ford Taurus of blogs - it has a lot of nice features, but odds are pretty good that right down the street is another person who has one JUST LIKE IT.

His response:

nick_charles (10:18:22 AM): So when you push the "Trunk Open" button on yours, there's a fair chance that someone's trunk in Tacoma is going to spring open, releasing their trunkload of illegally imported African weasles right near a school playground, opening you up to millions of dollars in liability.
nick_charles (10:18:22 AM): bastards.
nick_charles (10:18:28 AM): Not all. Just one trunk.
nick_charles (10:18:28 AM): Not yours.
nick_charles (10:18:57 AM): You know... With the right programming/hacking, an OnStar equipped fleet of vehicles could me made to DO THAT.
nick_charles (10:19:08 AM): It would be 400x funnier than the average computer virus.
nick_charles (10:19:28 AM): It would take FOREVER to figure out.
nick_charles (10:19:33 AM): Your trunk button quits working.
nick_charles (10:19:39 AM): Just like everyone elses.
nick_charles (10:19:54 AM): But your trunk pops open for no obvious reason every now and then.
nick_charles (10:20:35 AM): But before you do it plow all the $$ you have into stock in the companies that make replacement trunk latches and buttons.
nick_charles (10:21:13 AM): "From Rags to Riches, the WAS ASS WAY".
nick_charles (10:21:13 AM): You could write a book.
nick_charles (10:21:18 AM): Seminars.
nick_charles (10:21:25 AM): Public speaking engagments.
nick_charles (10:21:36 AM): Junior Achievement classes.
nick_charles (10:22:22 AM): Your seminar hotel would have their sign set up to read:
nick_charles (10:22:27 AM): TODAY: THE WAS ASS WAY
nick_charles (10:22:42 AM): BALLROOM A, B, C, D, E, F, & G
nick_charles (10:22:53 AM): FEATURING JOSH DUTCHER
nick_charles (10:23:19 AM): Organize a religion right as it gets real big.
nick_charles (10:24:15 AM): When people want to know why the donated their life savings so that you could go clown around and spend all their hard-earned money on stupid sh!t, just smile and tell 'em to read "THE BOOK". Then they will reach enlighenment.
nick_charles (10:24:20 AM): After all, you gotta practice what you preach.
nick_charles (10:25:20 AM): It stands to reason that the leader of the "WAS ASS CHURCH" would in fact be a total ASS about it.
nick_charles (10:25:30 AM): Otherwise, there's no point.

He needs a blog.

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