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I didn't make any reservations or definite plans for Valentine's Day because I knew it was possible Tandra might be tired and not feel like going out. That turned out to be the case, so we just hung around the house together. It was nice.

So we decided to make last night our Valentine's Day. We went to Lee's Chinese restaurant and split an order of sesame chicken and an order of sweet & sour chicken (Tandra's two favorites) - SO GOOD.

Then we went and saw Lewis Black. It was AWESOME. That guy said "SON OF A BITCH!" so many times and I laughed my ass off every time. Oh, and we made him laugh, like, genuinely! I didn't intend to - I said "Thanks for having the stones to come here and express a perspective that might not be that popular but which makes a lot of sense," and he laughed at that. And Tandra said "We've decided there should be a course required to graduate high school and that you should teach it." He laughed at that too. He was a really nice guy. My new favorite comedian.

It was great fun and I loved spending the time with my baby. :-)

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