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more baby stuff

I'm home for a quick bit to shower and change clothes and stuff. I can't possibly respond to each message individually that I've received from you guys, so to ALL of you, THANK YOU SO MUCH! The outpouring of support has truly been moving and impressive, and I'm SO GLAD that EVERYBODY here gets the "I'm blogging this." shirt. :-)

Okay, pictures and some video.

Baby shots:

He's a little jaundiced, but he'll be fine.

Last night while baby and mommy were sleeping I took some shots by the light of the TV:

Now for some videos. The first one is kind of heartbreaking. To me anyway - it's nothing tragic. When Kai had to go to the NICU because he was having trouble breathing, the symptom of the fluid in his lungs is a rhythmic cry with each breath called "grunting" or "singing". This is what that looks and sounds like:
Kai Singing (2 MB)

Here's Kai much healthier in the room with me and momma. This is why why call him Squeaky McGee. OMG SO CUTE.
Squeakers! (2.4 MB)

This one is really big, but it's the best one. Right click and save. This is Tandra in the O.R., after the baby was out, while she was on 10mg of morphine and a bunch of Ketamine. Funny stuff. She's talking to YOU GUYS in here, some.
Loopy as F*CK (24 MB)

Ok, I gotta get back to the hospital!
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