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I took nine pills this morning. (1) Antidepressant, (1) Allegra for allergies, (2) acetomenophin (sp?), and (5) Immune System Quick Response tablets. (That shit's herbal, you gotta take it in bulk.) Because my throat hurts, like Tandra's did on Saturday. I hope I get over it as quickly as she did.

Though I suspect I may not because I'm not rested. I could fall asleep standing up today. See, it was the weekend, right, and so I stayed up late and slept in late because that's what I do. So as usual, last night, I wasn't tired at all. However, this morning, unlike usual, I had to get up at STUPID O'CLOCK IN THE MORNING to take Tandra to the doctor because she's getting her tubes tied today.

This post is brought to you by the number of hours I slept last night, and by the number 3.
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